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"Judicial power is the power which testifies that the law exists"
I. Kant


Published Monitoring of Judicial Independence in Ukraine (2014)

Media digest

01.06.2017 Round table on courts assessment report

22.05.2017 Lutsenko suggests creating anti-corruption chamber of judges instead of anti-corruption court

20.05.2017 Ukraine to submit memo in Ukraine vs Russia case to the International Court by June 2017

12.05.2017 Supreme Council of Justice dismisses 91 Crimean judges




May, 17  2017, Lviv, Hotel Dnister
Round table discussion courts.

February, 15-16  2017, Lviv
Seminar Judicial independence and judicial ethics.




Today 28 Jun 2017

Anons of the events

21-22 June
Workshop with judges
"Independence of the judiciary and judicial ethics"

The results of the vote online

The content of this publication reflects a monitoring exercise conducted in August  September in the framework of Ukrainian-Swiss Project Support of Judicial Reform. Strengthening of Judicial Independence to identify key issues with ensuring the constitutional principle of the independence of judges in Ukraine in 2008. The publication explains the monitoring methods, the system of assessment of judicial independence in accordance with the internationally accepted standards and the results of the monitoring accompanied by experts conclusions featuring comparisons with similar results for 2007. A reference to the Centre for Judicial Studies is obligatory for any use of information or other materials in this publication.

Our publications

Report under the monitoring of judicial independence by results a survey of judges XII Extraordinary Congress of Delegates of Judges of Ukraine 19-20 June 2014.

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Released a new joint issue of the Bulletin Council of Judges of Ukraine and the Center for Judicial Studies devoted accessibility monitoring, effectiveness and impartiality of justice in Ukraine.

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