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December, 27 2010, Ivano-Frankivsk
Round table "Communications strategies for the judiciary".

December, 23 2010, Zaporizhia
Round table "Communications strategies for the judiciary".

December, 17 2010, Donetsk
Round table "Communications strategies for the judiciary".

November, 20 2010, Centre for Judicial Studies
Round Table "The communication activities of the Association of Judges of Ukraine".

November, 19 2010, Great Conference Hall of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv
Round Table "The implementation of the principle of judicial independence in light of new legislation on the judiciary and the status of judges". Press-anons (ua). Photoreport. Recommendations of the round table.

June, 29 - July, 3 2010, Yalta, Crimea
Workshop "Communication and Justice".

April, 21 2010, Kyiv, Hotel Rus
Ten-year jubilee of Centre for Judicial Studies!
Centre for Judicial Studies has celebrated ten-year jubilee from its foundation. The celebration of the jubilee took place on April 21th 2010 within the framework of International Summit Courts and Society. Working Together to Promote Public Trust and Confidence. Photo

April, 20 - 22 2010, Kyiv, Hotel Rus
Courts and Society Summit.


Phase II "Support of Pre-Trial Detention Reform"
in the frameworks of the project "Support to Penitentiary Reform in Ukraine"

October, 27 2010, Kyiv
Expert round table discussions on improving the current legislation (Article 155 of the Criminal Procedural Code of Ukraine) and the intermediate results of monitoring of court cases for pretrial detention as a preventive measure taken into custody. Press-relize (ua). Photoreport

September, 30 2010, Bila Tserkva
Seminar " Improving the practice application by judges of civil law".

September, 29 2010, Kyiv
Kyiv Experts' Round Table

March, 31 2010, Kyiv
Conference Pre-trial detention in the criminal process: Problems of efficiency and economy of repression.

March, 25 2010, Court of Appeal of Kievsky region
Interdepartmental Round Table.

March, 18 2010, Kyiv Appeal Court
Interdepartmental Round Table.

February, 18 2010, Kyiv
Experts' Round Table. Press release (ua).



OSCE Rule of Law Program

November, 10 2010, Kyiv Appeal Court
Seminar Practical and methodological aspects implementation the practice of the European Court of Human Rights in courts of Ukraine. Press-relize (ua) . Photoreport

October, 21 2010, Vorzel, Kievsky region
Seminar Practical and methodological aspects of implementation by Ukrainian courts the Case-Law of the European Court of Human Rights (for example Article 10 of the Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms). Press-anons (ua). Photoreport



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Anons of the events

April, 9
"Discussing conditions for piloting probation"

April, 11
Workshop "Communication strategy of the Center of Probation"

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The content of this publication reflects a monitoring exercise conducted in August  September in the framework of Ukrainian-Swiss Project Support of Judicial Reform. Strengthening of Judicial Independence to identify key issues with ensuring the constitutional principle of the independence of judges in Ukraine in 2008. The publication explains the monitoring methods, the system of assessment of judicial independence in accordance with the internationally accepted standards and the results of the monitoring accompanied by experts conclusions featuring comparisons with similar results for 2007. A reference to the Centre for Judicial Studies is obligatory for any use of information or other materials in this publication.

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