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Lugansk region Donetsk region Kharkiv region Dnipropetrovsk region Cumska region Poltavska region Chernigiv region Zaporizhe region Autonomous republic of Crimea Khersonska region Mikolaiv region Odessa region Kyrovogad region    Vinnitsky region г     -

The Supreme Court of Ukraine
The Supreme Court of Ukraine
01020, 4, Pylypa Orlyka str. Kiev, phone: (044) 226-23-04
Court of Appeal of Kiev
01025,15 Volodymyrska, Kiev, phone: (044) 228-15-75
Court of Appeal of Kievsky region
01025, 15 Volodymyrska, Kiev, phone: (044) 228-29-23
Military court of appeal of the central region
01238, 8 Komandarma Kameneva str., Kiev
Court of appeal of the ARC
Court of appeal of the ARC
95006, 2 Pavlenko str., Simpheropol; phone: (0652) 27-66-76
Court of Appeal of Sebastopol
99011, 25 Lenina str., Sebastopol; phone: (0692) 55-00-28
Vinnitsky region
Court of Appeal of Vinnitsky region
21050,6 Soborna str. Vinnitsa; phone: (0432) 32-69-51
Volynsky region
Court of Appeal of Volynsky region
43000, 3 Slovatskogo str, Lutsk; phone: (03322) 2-63-02
Dniepropetrovsky region
Court of Appeal of Dniepropetrovsky region
49030, 13 Kharkivska str, Dniepropetrovsk, phone: (0562) 744-25-60
Donetsky region
Court of Appeal of Donetsky region
83015,163 Cheluskintsiv str, Donetsk, phone: (062) 334-18-61
Zhitomirsky region
Court of Appeal of Zhitomisky region
10001, 1 Soboprna sqr., Zhitomir, phone: (0412) 37-28-20
Zakarpatsky region
Court of Appeal of Zakarpatsky region
88000,7 Dovzhenko str, Uzhgorod, phone: (03122) 1-53-83
Zaporizky region
Court of Appeal of Zaporizky region
69005, 50, Artema str, Zaporozhye, phone: (0612) 13-23-84
Ivano-Frankivsky region
Court of Appeal of Ivano-Frankivsky region
76000, 11 Grumvaldska str, Ivano-Frankivsk, phone. (0342) 2-44-38
Kirovogradsky region
Court of Appeal of Kirovogradsky region
25050, 2 Permska str.Kirovograd, GCP-5, phone. (0522) 24-56-63
Lugansky region
Court of Appeal of Lugansky region
91022, 33 Dzerzhinskogo str, Lugansk, phone. (0642) 53-20-15
Lvivsky region
Court of Appeal of Lvivsky region
79008, 7 Vozyednannya sqr.,Lviv, phone. (0322) 76-08-24
Mykolayivsky region
Court of Appeal of Mykolayivsky region
54001, 2 Sadova str, Mykolayiv, phone. (0512) 35-91-36
Odessky region
Court of Appeal of Odessky region
65073, 24 a Gaydara str, Odessa, phone. (0482) 49-26-43
Poltavsky region
Court of Appeal of Poltavsky region
36000, 7 Gogolya str, Poltava, phone. (05322) 7-34-67
Rivnensky region
Court of Appeal of Rivnensky region
33000,1 Shkilna str.Rivne, phone. (0362) 22-62-30
Sumsky region
Court of Appeal of Sumsky region
40620, 28 Kirova str, Sumy, 28,. phone (0542) 22-48-97
Ternopilsky region
Court of Appeal of Ternopilsky region
46006, 20 Knyasya Ostrozkogo str Ternopil, phone. (0352) 22-41-64
Kharkivsky region
Court of Appeal of Kharkivsky region
61050, 36 Rudneva str Kharkiv, phone. (0572) 21-91-82
Khersonsky region
Court of Appeal of Khersonsky region
73000,1a Striletskoyi divisiyi str, Kherson , phone. (0552) 22-33-40
Khmelnitsky region
Court of Appeal of Khmelnitsky region
29000,2 Nezalezhnosty sqr, Khmelnitsky, phone. (0382) 76-43-20
Cherkassky region
Court of Appeal of Cherkassky region
18015, 316 Gogolya str., Cherkassy, phone. (0472) 47-23-83
Chernivetsky region
Court of Appeal of Chernivetsky region
58000,9 Centralna sqr, Chernivtsy, phone.(0372) 55-34-03
Chernigivsky region
Court of Appeal of Chernigivsky region
14025, 43 Lenina str.Chernigiv. phone. (04622) 7-28-85
Today 22 Apr 2019

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April, 9
"Discussing conditions for piloting probation"

April, 11
Workshop "Communication strategy of the Center of Probation"

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The content of this publication reflects a monitoring exercise conducted in August  September in the framework of Ukrainian-Swiss Project Support of Judicial Reform. Strengthening of Judicial Independence to identify key issues with ensuring the constitutional principle of the independence of judges in Ukraine in 2008. The publication explains the monitoring methods, the system of assessment of judicial independence in accordance with the internationally accepted standards and the results of the monitoring accompanied by experts conclusions featuring comparisons with similar results for 2007. A reference to the Centre for Judicial Studies is obligatory for any use of information or other materials in this publication.

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Released a new joint issue of the Bulletin Council of Judges of Ukraine and the Center for Judicial Studies devoted accessibility monitoring, effectiveness and impartiality of justice in Ukraine.

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